Find below procedures for CIF ASWP.


  1. Buyer sends RFQ(Request for Quote) to receive a written offer (i.e. SCO) from the Seller.
  2. Seller issues Offer package. The following are issued by seller along with the Offer package;
    • a/ Verbiage of RWA letter will be provided to the Buyer.
    • b/ Seller’s ICPO Template is issued along with the Offer.
  3. Buyer issues ICPO in accordance with Seller’s ICPO template with Buyer’s passport and Certificate of Registration incorporated. Buyer also sends Company Profile and RWA letter along with the ICPO.
  4. Seller reviews the ICPO and supporting documentation and confirms with the Buyer. Seller issues draft contract to buyer. Buyer reviews, makes any necessary amendments, signs and sends it back to seller in Word format, within three (3) working days. Seller Issues commercial invoice for first shipment.
  5. Buyer issues DLC MT700 of the value of total cargo instrument by swift to the seller’s nominated bank account to receive the instrument, within a maximum of five (5) working days of receiving the signed CI.
  6. Upon receipt and confirmation of the DLC MT700 seller legalises the contract at his own expense and sends the notarised copy to buyer in PDF format as the final contract and Seller issues 2% PB to Buyer.
  7. Seller issues full POP documents and NCNDA-IMFPA.
    • a/ Certificate of origin
    • b/ Commercial invoice
    • c/ Q & Q report at loading port
    • d/ Q88 and quality specification
    • e/ Bill of lading.
  8. Shipment commences as scheduled in the contract and upon arrival of the cargo at the discharge port, Buyer’s inspection team carries out Q&Q inspection at the discharge port to ascertain quality and quantity.
  9. Product is discharged after successful inspection into buyer’s storage facility; buyer’s Bank releases payment for total value of the product to seller’s bank within 72 hours by TT / MT 103.
  10. After receipt of the buyer’s payment, Seller pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction as per the NCNDA/IMFPA signed by the parties involved.